Memorial Day Weekend – Part II

Memorial Day weekend wrapped up with a laid-back Monday. It was nice having the day off from my rent paying gig so I could sleep in a bit and enjoy the afternoon with my girlfriend Katy. We decided to buy a submarine sandwich from DiBella’s on East Avenue then headed up to Casa Larga to take advantage of our Wine Lover’s Club membership. The weather was nice so we decided to eat our sub at the winery. Casa Larga has a picnic table on the lawn out front under a big shade tree, a perfect spot to enjoy lunch.

After eating lunch, we headed inside for a wine tasting. Connie was our server for the tasting and was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the wines. She had quite a bit to say about each wine and even broke out a couple of reference books to help make her point. One book was Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: 2006 Edition by Kevin Zraly. Connie pointed out a fact from the book that noted we tend to smell different aromas on each nostril. Katy and I gave it a try and both agreed we smell things differently depending on which nostril we inhaled through. Connie gave most thorough tasting I have ever experienced. Well done Connie.

Connie started us off with the Reserve Riesling (0% RS) which was fermented in stainless steel and finished in oak to add body. It had some of the same qualities as a dry, oaked Chardonnay with a hint of the distinctive Riesling flavor. Next we had the Tre Blanc (0.5% RS), a blend of 57% Muscat Ottonel, 33% Traminette and 10% Gewurztraminer. The Tre Blanc is a light, fruity wine with pronounced lemon and grapefruit flavors and is a good, every day wine. Lilac Hill (3% RS) is a semi-sweet blend with a very floral aroma and flavor which didn’t appeal to me much. Also in the line-up was the trio of the French, American, and Hungarian oaked Chardonnays which I described in an earlier post. Katy reaffirmed that the French oaked Chardonnay was her favorite of the three while I preferred the American oaked Chardonnay. Switching over to reds, we sampled the Petite Noir, a proprietary blend in the Beaujolais style. This is a light, fresh, and fruity wine that was smooth and well balanced. This is another good, every day wine. Something you can grab and pour while you’re cooking, paying bills, or watching TV. We finished up with the 2006 Cab-Merlot and the Gallery 155 – Meritage, both dry wines at 0% RS. The Cab-Merlot is a medium bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This wine had many different berry flavors mixed with a smooth oak component. This was our favorite red of the day by far. The Gallery 155 – Meritage is a full bodied blend of Merlot (40%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), and Cabernet Franc (40%). This wine also had dark berry characteristics and a dry, acidic finish. Wow! We tasted quite a few wines. It’s a good thing Connie was keeping the pours to a taste.

We left Casa Larga with a very rewarding feeling. We enjoyed many wonderful wines and learned a few new things about the different grapes used in the wine and about wine tasting. It was mid-afternoon and we had some time to kill so we headed into Pittsford to walk along the canal and exercise my dog, Sierra, who waited patiently under the shade tree while we were in the winery. Katy decided she would shop a bit while I threw the ball in the canal for Sierra to fetch. The staff at Aladdin’s at Schoen Place enjoyed watching her swim after the ball and the occasional duck that ventured close. This was a nice, relaxing way to end the afternoon and to top off a great Memorial Day weekend.

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I have a passion for the Finger Lakes, wine, food, and photography and want to share this passion through social media on the web.
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1 Response to Memorial Day Weekend – Part II

  1. Kathy Porter says:

    Hi there – hopped on your blog from the Casa Larga FB fan page – love your unabashed affection for your girlfriend, the photos and your knowledge of the different wineries. Will check back often to catch up on your travels, wines sampled and to see where next you are dancing.

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