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I’ve wanted to write about the Finger Lakes region and Finger Lakes wine for a long time now.  I had a false start a couple of years ago when I started putting together a web site devoted to the topic.  My enthusiasm quickly faded, however, and the site was never finished.  I was discouraged when I saw the extensive Finger Lakes wine site published by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and didn’t think I could compete with a big company.

My passion for the subject didn’t fade, even though my efforts to write about it did.  I was on a trip to Seattle with my girlfriend Katy recently and we had the opportunity to visit several wineries in Woodinville.  Woodinville is about a forty minute drive north east of Seattle and is where the Washington wine industry, which grows most of its grapes in the eastern part of the state, showcases its wine to the masses in the west.  It is here where I met Seattle Wine Gal, an attractive, young woman with “a bachelors degree in History, Political Science, and English, with a minor in Philosophy and a MA in Social Anthropology” and who is really into this thing we call social media (blogs, tweets, Facebook, etc.)

Seattle Wine Gal (or LaFayette as I had come to call her) and I had a brief conversation about the winery (Hollywood Hill Vineyards) and its wonderful wine, the beautiful weather we were experiencing, where she was from (LaFayette, NY which is about 20 miles north of my home town of Cortland) and, of course, her blog.  She was very enthusiastic about her blog and her role in social media.  She left a big impression on me.  This conversation and the wine tour with Katy re-energized my dormant desire to write about two of my passions, wine and the Finger Lakes.  Seattle Wine Gal showed me that I didn’t have to compete with the big guys.  I could write for me.  I could do my own thing on my own terms.

So, here I am, all jazzed up at 4:17 am on a Friday morning, typing away at my first blog post.  I shamelessly copied Seattle Wine Gal’s moniker (along with Atlanta Wine Guy, who I found on the web while Googling Seattle Wine Gal) and created Finger Lakes Wine Guy.  I don’t know where this will lead or how long the fire will burn, but I’m going to give this another shot.  Stay tuned.

Thank you Katy for sharing your passion for wine and food with me.  Thank you LaFayette for reminding me to become engaged in life rather than watching life go by.

About fingerlakeswineguy

I have a passion for the Finger Lakes, wine, food, and photography and want to share this passion through social media on the web.
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3 Responses to Welcome to my blog

  1. Cathy Moskal says:

    Congrats on giving it another try. I am just beginning my conversational space as a compliment and marketing support to the opening of 1922 Starkey House Bed & Breakfast located about 12 miles north of Watkins Glen on the west side of Seneca Lake. I am located right on the Seneca Wine Trail. Doors will be open for reservations in late spring this year. I’m hoping to get the booking site up soon. Any sharing of information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and good luck,

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